Jeffrey David
Massage Therapy & Wellness
“I have been privileged to work with Jeffrey all these years.  He was actually the primary reason I got into holistic medicine. It is through his persistence that I have evolved into an integrative medical practitioner. I highly recommend his work as a Clinical Massage Therapist and wellness consultant.”
Dr. Joel Lopez, M.D., CNS,
Provider, San Francisco Preventive Medical Group  & Regenesis Medical Group  

 “Jeffrey is amazing!  He should get his hands insured.  Both highly therapeutic and relaxing!”
~ Cindy S., Mill Valley, CA
~ Stephan B., Physician, Chicago, IL

“I had the extreme pleasure of Jeffrey providing his massage therapy to me. Jeffrey has advanced knowledge in applying his skills in clinical massage therapy. He has a comprehensive focus in the application of and the effects of his treatments with his clients. The use of therapeutic-grade bio-resonant essential oils during a treatment session set his treatments apart from the average massage therapist. The advanced techniques he uses is something everyone should experience!”
Dr. Douglas Husbands, DC, CCN, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Chiropractor & Anti-Aging Health Doctor. Hayward, CA
"Jeffrey's hands are connected to his heart."
~ Paul S., Paralegal. Chicago, IL
“Jeffrey is simply the best body/energy master I have ever experienced (and I have had many experiences with which to compare to Jeffrey’s approach). If you are looking for a transformative, holistic health experience, do not hesitate to book time with Jeffrey.”
Top qualities:  Great Results,  Expert,  High Integrity
~ Gina D. V., Entrepreneur. Pacifica, CA

"Jeffrey, you are amazing!  There's something magical about you. "
~Julie V., Chicago, IL

"Do you feel like it's too much to ask for a therapist that powerfully engages your tissues while at the same time demonstrating deep sensitivity and mindfulness?  Not in a session with Jeffrey.  Consider yourself very lucky to receive the touch of these hands!"
~ Celeste M., Holistic Chef & Bodywork Therapist. Honolulu, HI

"Jeffrey is one of the very best masseurs that I've ever had.  He is strong and gives a deep but smooth massage. He is the best in San Francisco.  I see him every week and when I can't I really miss him.  He uses different aromatherapy and healing oils that give me a lift while relaxing me.  I truly recommend him."
~ Alison B., Screen Writer. San Francisco, CA

“I've had body work done by Jeffrey many times and he is a skilled and reliable therapist. I know Jeffrey has studied extensively and offers a variety of highly evolved holistic  healing services.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time
~ David F., Entrepreneur & Theater Owner. Chicago, IL & Michigan
"Just wanted to let you know that our last session was truly amazing!  You have incorporated some new techniques that really enhance the massage experience in a big way.  As a long time client of yours, it is good to see (and feel) that your techniques and approach to massage continue to evolve. We always look forward to our next session."
~ Al M., Realtor. Chicago, IL

"Jeffrey gives an amazing session!  Anytime I can have him work on me I jump at the chance. My body feels so relaxed and balanced when he's performing his magical, intuitive bodywork. I love that he can do whatever my body needs, whether it's energy work or relieving my shoulder pain.  I highly recommend him."
~ Jen S., Wellness Consultant, Massage Therapist and Entrepreneur.
Moorhead, MN

"When I first met Jeffrey I was very ill, my self-esteem was very low and I was depressed and could not sleep.  I began a scheduled massage program two times per week with Jeffrey.  After the first week, my health improved tenfold, as Jeffrey continued working on my body I felt energized, balanced and relaxed.  I have been able to sleep and I feel good about myself.  Jeffrey is very interested in well-being, he has lots of compassion and is very respectful of the people he works on.
I am very grateful to God for putting Jeffrey in my way and making him part of my recovery.
I confidently recommend Jeffrey to anyone who is suffering with pain."
~ Blanca M., CPA. Palatine, IL

"Relaxing. Feels like he has four hands massaging your body. Four err Two thumbs up! ;-)."
~ Marconi C., Artist, Journalist & Writer. San Francisco, CA

“Thank you, Jeffrey for the very best most pure essential oils on earth. I use them for myself and my patients with AMAZING success!"
~ Dr. Joyce Johnson
President of Wellness Center of America

"Honestly one of the best massages I've had in a very long time.  He focused very specifically on my tense parts of my body.  He tailored the massage and asked whether I wanted to have relaxing part to the massage or just to work on trouble areas.  I opted to get the trouble areas worked through." 
~ Benjamin B., Musician & Musical Conductor, Coralville, IA 

"Excellent massage by Jeffrey done with an oil that smelled wonderful & made my dry feet so moisturized.  I scheduled a second massage with Jeffrey because he applies just the right amount of pressure, his hands are soft (probably due to the oil he used), doesn't talk much just puts all his energy in delivering a complete tranquil experience.  I love the heated table that enhances the relaxation."
~ Khadiza E., Chicago, IL 

"Jeffrey's work is exemplary.  Period.  I've received many massages from many different therapists & he's one of the best.  It saddens me to say that most of the therapists I've experienced have been mediocre at best so it's comforting to know that I have a therapist I can depend on.  One of his attributes is that while he's a clinical massage therapist, he incorporates that work seamlessly within a wellness session.  He incorporates energy work as well.  No digging or gouging in a trigger point!  I’ve never been disappointed in any session I've ever received in 9 years."
~ Annette Queyquep, Wholistic Wellness Provider, Evanston, IL